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    측정해야 하는 광범위한 어플리케이션에서 필러 게이지 등의 전통적 방식의 센서를 대체, 0.5 mm 미만의 좁은 Gap 측정용 접촉식 센서 사용, 깊은 측정 구간에 광학적으로 접근할 수 없는 Gap 측정 가능, 휴대가 간편한 Tablet 기기로 측정 프로세스 및 결과 등 모든 정보를 확인, 저장하고 데이터를 전송, Data format XML, CSV and PDF, Fan과 Turbine의 측정을 위해 최대 0.01mm 정밀도까지 측정할 수 있는 특수 센서

    GapMaster GM120 기술 데이터

    GapMaster GM120 기술 데이터 목록
    GapMaster GM120 기술 데이터
    Gap 0.2 ~ 10 mm
    Depth 2 ~ 500 mm
    Resolution up to 0.002 mm
    Accuracy 0.03 mm, Max 0.01 mm
    Measuring force 0.5 ~ 2 N
    Sensor Width 6 ~ 12 mm
    Sensor Length 50 ~ 170 mm (Option Max ~ 500 mm)
    Test frequency 30 ~ 100 Hz
    Test frequency Up to 4 channels 30 ~ 100 Hz
    • Roll

      Low measuring forces for sensitive surfaces Material independence for different pairings Embossing rollers, forming rollers, pressure rollers Metal, paper and plastics processing Can be used up to 150°C

    • Fans, compressors and turbines

      Feature groups for high number of measuring points Minimum value recording for axial and radial measurement Specially developed sensors with sensor guides and stops For assembly and wear measurements

    • Mechanical and plant engineering

      Good accessibility at all mounting gaps Spaltverlaufsmessungen also behind Vorsprügen Measurements through inspection openings

    • Sheet metal and plastic moldings

      Gauge air measurement with only one sensor Quantitative statements for the production With a long measuring lance down to the depth of the gauge For bodywork and other sheet metal components For cladding of all kinds, made of all materials

    • Automotive Industry

      Mobile use - without surface influence For body and interior, even in hard to reach places Measuring ranges from 0.3 to 7 mm Coating for sensitive surfaces

    • Aerospace Industry

      Comprehensive documentation Handy mobile device for every use Shimspalte on skin, ribs and door elements Blade head and foot column on turbines

    • Paper and Film Industry

      Scraper Blown heads for film production Pressure rollers for packaging Foil and plate rollers

    • Timber structures

      Record measured values ​​without material influences Cutting progressions and contours Mold Furniture and other fixtures

    • Generators and motors

      Accurate sheet metal package measurement for full performance Capture up to 500 mm depth Wind and power plant generators Large engines Hybrid drives

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