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    CALIPRI C10 / C14Portable Measurement Devices Designed for Automotive Gap and Flush

    Specified for automotive customer perceived quality demands, CALIPRI C10 / C14 non-contact portable measurement devices offer fast and accurate evaluation of gap, flush and radius.

    Available in two configurations, the CALIPRI C10 wired model and the CALIPRI C14 wireless version, these portable measurement devices provide non-contact inspection of gaps, edges and design lines in a matter of seconds.

    Powered by the patented ‘CALIPRI Principle’, the devices use advanced laser light section technology with unique real-time tilt correction. The user scans the part profile by pivoting the device around the target, capturing a 2D contour from different perspectives – deep into the gap or along the complete edge. The measured key dimensions are displayed on a tablet PC and/or on the sensor itself and can be compared with reference or design values. A colour-coded traffic light system is used to make deviations from tolerance limits easy to identify.

    The CALIPRI C10 and CALIPRI C14 devices are widely used for quality assurance and metrology room measurements for automotive car body, including gap and flush inspection, seal gap measurements and other feeler gauge applications. CALIPRI technology also supports Meisterbock, cubing and prototype assembly and development, closure and hemming development, and audit functions in the body shop and final assembly lines.

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